Home Automation FAQs

Home automation is the control of any or all electrical devices in your home or office, whether you are there or away!

What is home automation?

Home automation is one of the most exciting developments in technology for the home that has come along in decades! The intelligent automated home of the future, often glamorized in sci-fi movies, is here NOW! There are hundreds of products available today that allow you control over the devices mentioned above, and more, either automatically; by remote control; or even by voice command!

Controllable Systems:

  • Security Systems
  • Lights & Appliances
  • Garage Doors
  • Home Theater
  • Pool & Spa
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Entry Systems
  • Telephones
  • Web Connectivity
System Controller Options:

  • TV infrared Remote Control
  • Handheld RF Remote Control
  • Bedside Controller
  • Any touch-tone Telephone
  • Wall mounted Touch Pads
  • PC/Internet
  • Telephone
  • Voice

What can be automated?

Virtually anything in the home that is powered by electricity can be automated and/or controlled. You can dim the lights with your remote control or cordless phone from your easy chair. Have your porch lights turn on automatically at dark or when someone approaches. See who is at the front door from any nearby television, and talk to them or unlock the door from any nearby telephone. Have the security system turn off lights, close drapes and setback the temperature when you leave and arm the system. Have your home theater equipment provide audio and video to any TV in the house. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!

What’s it like when your home is automated?

Imagine this… It’s 6:15 a.m. and your semi-conscious state barely notices the stereo softly playing a favorite CD album, the lights in your bedroom turning on to half dim, and the draperies partially opening. From your prone position you can’t see that your alarm system is disabling, the coffee maker just switched on and your home is adjusting to daytime temperature. At 6:30 the lights come up to full brightness, the drapes open all the way, and your stereo volume increases to a more insistent level. As you finally rise and approach the bathroom – the light’s are on you can hear the music turn on in the children’s rooms, and their lights and drapes urge them awake for the day.

The kids have gone to school and as you walk out of the house for work, you push a button that turns off all lighting and appliances, opens the garage door, enables the alarm system, and adjusts the thermostat. On the drive to town your cellular phone rings and it is the refrigerator repairman standing at your front door intercom. With your phone you say “Hi,” disable the alarm, and unlock the door for him.

After dinner that evening in the TV room, you push one button to close the drapes, dim the lights, turn on the TV, and switch on the popcorn maker. You are comfortably seated, knowing that your cat and tropical fish have already been automatically fed, when the doorbell rings. With a simple command to your TV remote control, you bring up a Picture-in-Picture displaying your daughter’s boyfriend standing at the front door. With another command you signal your daughter in her upstairs room to get the door, then switch the video to look in on your one-year-old baby sleeping peacefully in his crib, back to the movie and you didn’t move from your relaxed position. One more remote command and the Jacuzzi turns on for some additional relaxation. For those that can’t relax all PC’s in the home can connect to the Internet Service Provider at the same time with only one Account and no interruption of the telephone voice lines. Some may relax by watching a VCR, DVD, or Satellite movie from any TV in the house.

As you retire for the evening you are blissfully unaware that the dishwasher has started, your alarm system has enabled, all but select exterior security lighting has switched off, and all desired TV’s and Entertainment devices have turned off or gone into there night mode.. At 11:30 p.m. your thermostat adjusts to sleeping temperature, and as you drift off to sleep the late, late show switches itself off. These events and many more are all very easily achievable and economical with a Complete Home System.

How is the system controlled?

There are many options available for controlling a home automation system. Just some of the types of controllers available are: In-wall multi-button controllers; telephones; infra-red (TV) remotes; motion sensors; hand-held RF (radio frequency) remote controls (standard & key chain) and, of course, automatically by the “brain” or main system controller.

Will my house shut down if the main system fails?

Absolutely not. Each system has a safety net built in, possibly including power supply back-ups. If the system controller fails for any reason, homeowners can operate all subsystems and devices independently until full-system control is restored.

Some people might think that home automation is simply unnecessary, but as with most technologies, if it make our life easier it often becomes very popular; and if the features in this video are possible, the home automation industry might just be getting started.