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Why Being Mobile Friendly Matters

mobile-searchWhen the smartphone revolution began, website builders around the world largely ignored this new format. They didn’t worry too much how their websites looked on the mobile because people just used their phones to check a shop’s opening times or see where the nearest take away was, right? But as the growth in smartphones continues and the use of them rockets past any expectations, can businesses really afford to ignore this vital outlet for their website? No, because being mobile friendly matters now to the biggest name in the business – Google. Here, with the help of Grapefruit Marketing, a specialist provider of London SEO services, we look at why being mobile-friendly matters.


This year is set to see a new milestone in the way people use the internet. 2014 saw 72% of people searching for information on their smartphone for businesses within 5 miles of their location (source). It also showed that half of the people who conducted these searches visited the shop that they searched for within a day of the search. So, mobiles are being used for much more than just checking Facebook and Twitter. (more…)

Proposed UK Ban on Encrypted Messaging Apps

Encrypted Messaging AppsIn the wake of several high profile phone hacking scandals, personal security has become big news and even bigger business. The public is now more concerned than ever with privacy, both online and on their mobiles. That created a void that software developers were eager to fill, and a number of firms were quick to launch security conscious smartphone apps designed to protect their user’s privacy. New messaging apps were created that allowed users to encrypt, or even delete, ongoing texts and conversations. These encrypted messaging apps have been a hit with the public, but they now face a serious challenge in the form of a government ban. British Prime Minister David Cameron has indicated that, if reelected, he would actively pursue a UK ban on many encrypted messaging apps.

National Security
Citing national security, and the recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Belgium, Cameron says he will push for a ban on any messaging app that renders the user’s data inaccessible to intelligence agencies and government officials. The Prime Minister contends that messaging apps like Snapchat, Ansa and Strings have the potential to become safe havens for terrorists, allowing them to communicate freely without fear of detection. (more…)